Selamat datang di blog ala ala ini!

Selamat datang di blog ala ala ini!

What is kind of chordata superclass? You should read this article

Vertebrates are divided into two groups based on the presence and absence of the mouth jaw.They are Agnatha and Gnathosmata

Superclass Agnatha

It has long body without mouth jaw (jaw=rahang). The example of this superclass are Cephalospidomorphi (lamprey) and Class Mycini (hagfish). The habitat of lamprey in fresh waters and sea. Hagfish only live in sea.Hewan larva.Their food is dead fish. They suck the blood of dead fish.

Superclass Gnathostomata

This animal has a  jaw . It can be moved up and to down. This superclass is classified into six classes:
. They are chondrichtyes, osteichtyes, amphibi, reptil, aves, and mamalia, For more information, look at LKS biologi,, please!


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