Selamat datang di blog ala ala ini!

Selamat datang di blog ala ala ini!

The topics for examination test on fourth semester

1. Nervous system
    - Lobes of the brain
    - Structure of nerve cell
    - The function of neuroglia
    - The difference of neuron sensoric, motoric, and konektor
    - Mechanism of ordinary movemennt and reflex movement
    - The name of 12 pairs of brain nerve fibers that related with kranial
    - Sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve
    - polaritation, depolaritation, and what's happens in synapse
    - Nervous system disorder
2. Hormones system
    - Hormones in insects
    - The correlation of nervous system and hormones system
    - The kinds of hormones that is released from adenohipofisis and neurohipofisis
    - The kinds of glands, hormones produced, and their function
    - Kretinisme, gigantisme, akromegali, dwarfisme. klinefeleter, basedow, addison
3. Sensoric system
   - organ of balance in the ear
   - Anatomy of eye
   - visible mechanism
   - Anatomy of ear
   - hearing mechanism
   - tongue (sensitive areas)
   - skin ( nerve)
   - the reseptor nerve in nose, tounge, ears, and eyes

- Menstrruation mechanism
- Anatomy of human reproduction (male and female)
- Fertilization
- Pregnant
- Contraception
- External defenses
- Internal defeneses such as phagocyte, antimicrobial proteins
- Acquired immunity ( spesific immuity)
- Humoral responses (antibody)
- Cell mediated responses
- Process of inlfamation

saya ada acara jadi ingat2 aja yang saya review ya?? GBU



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