Selamat datang di blog ala ala ini!

Selamat datang di blog ala ala ini!

Cell ultrastructure

Using a light microscope, you can see stained blood cells well enough to pick out the nucleus of leucocyte. However, the cytoplasm of leucocytes and most other human cells contains many other smaller structures, called organelles. Most organalles can not be seen with light microscope. A much more powerful kind of microscope, called an electron microscope, is needes.
This is a picture that show parts of cell
TEM of frog leucocyte
Fig. 1 Electronmicrograph of leucocyte (was taken at science photo)

All cells are surounded by a thin layer made up of protein and lipid molecules. This membrane is known as the cell surface membrane. There are also other membranes inside the cell. The cell surface membrane controls what enter and leaves the cell. Subtances such as oxygen, water, carbondioxide etc.The cell surface membrane alsa containes glycoproteins and glycolipids.


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